About Us

True Barber Products brings the very best in men’s hair & fine grooming products to men in UK and Ireland. The team behind the scenes are passionate about the true craft of barbering and have many years’ experience working to keep this lost craft alive. However in all of those years they have never found a hair or grooming product that was quite perfect. Pomades, gels and waxes were either too weak, too greasy/waxy, or too fragrant, while shaving products often fell victim to an onslaught of hype that never met their expectations!
Enter Layrite, a solution to many of the problems all barbers experience on a day to day basis. Layrite was founded by Donny Hawley in California in the USA. Donnie hated that the majority of his customers would step up into his chair with a hair full of petroleum grease.  He couldn’t wash it out and these greasy mops of hair would set the stage for a less than ideal haircut.  Donnie began experimenting on his customers with different formulations of water-based pomade.  He would take the best features of all of the products that he liked to work with, but always maintained the ability to wash it right out, with just water! After years of research and formulations, Layrite Deluxe Pomade was born. From there, Donny’s customers began to demand all of the other products that he used at the barber shop. Each Layrite product is a modern take on a classic men’s grooming product.
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